cone [kōn]
[ME < L conus < Gr kōnos, a wedge, peak, cone < IE base kō(n)-, to sharpen > HONE1, L cos]
a) a flat-based, single-pointed solid formed by a rotating straight line that traces out a closed-curved base from a fixed vertex point that is not in the same plane as the base; esp., one (right circular cone) formed by tracing a circle from a vertex perpendicular to the center of the base (also formed by rotating a right triangle 360° with either leg as the axis, or by rotating an isosceles triangle 360° with the altitude as the axis)
b) the surface of such a solid
c) a similar unbounded surface extending outward in both directions from a point: it is formed by rotating in an elliptical or circular pattern a straight line that always passes through this point
2. any object or mass shaped like a cone; specif.,
a) a crisp shell of pastry for holding a scoop of ice cream
b) the peak of a volcano
c) any of various machine parts
3. Bot.
a) a reproductive structure of certain nonflowering plants, consisting of an elongated central axis upon which are borne overlapping scales, bracts, sporophylls, etc., usually in a spiral fashion, and in which are produced pollen, spores, or ovules; strobilus: cones are found in cycads, conifers, club mosses, horsetails, etc.
b) any similar structure, as the catkin of hops
4. Zool.
a) any of the flask-shaped cells in the retina of most vertebrates, sensitive to bright light and color
5. the DIAPHRAGM (sense 5) of a speaker, usually cone-shaped
coned, coning
to shape like a cone or a conical segment

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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